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Make Development Inclusive : How to include the perspectives of persons with disabilities in the project cycle management guidelines of the EC

Look no further. This on-line manual 'Make Development Inclusive: How to include the perspectives of persons with disabilities in the project cycle management guidelines of the EC' could be of assistance to you.

The on-line manual was developed by CBM and partners within the framework of the project 'Disability mainstreaming in Development Cooperation', supported by DG Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission. The manual is in three parts.

Part I, Concepts and Guiding Principles, gives the rational for including persons with disabilities in poverty reduction programmes and projects. It also suggests the twin track approach and gives a case study showing how the twin track approach can be done.

Part II, A Practical Guide, goes through the steps of the project cycle. At each point reasons are given and approaches are suggested on how t include persons with disabilities at each stage. Case studies and practical tools are also proposed for each stage.

Part III, the on-line toolbox, lists all of the tools developed or adapted for this manual. You can find tools listed for general project management, and also listed according to sector.

This on-line manual is a collection of work from many authors who are listed in the acknowledgment section. The Advisory Board, who commented on subsequent drafts of the manual are also listed here.

Case studies have been collected by IDDC members and partners. Contact detail are given if you wish to have further information on them.

This on-line manual is not intended to be either final or comprehensive, but rather a work in progress. User and reader feedback is welcome. If you have feedback, or your own tools or case studies to add, please contact

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Part I Concepts and Guiding Principles : PDF Version - DOC Version

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Part II A Practical Guide : PDF Version - DOC Version

Part III The toolbox : PDF version - Online version

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