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A Guidance Paper for an Inclusive Local Development Policy

inclusive developmentTo break the cycle of poverty and disability in developing countries, community level inclusive policies are a key target. However, making local development inclusive to persons with disabilities is largely under-documented and tools lack.

This guidance paper contains three sections, providing background information, e.g. on mainstreaming disability in local development, tools for action at local level and support material. Through a permanent reference to the UN Convention on the Rights Of Persons with Disabilities, it aims at giving some more concrete directions in which to mainstream disability in local development. The paper provides concrete examples from practice, coming from projects implemented in different parts of the world, and a set of methodological tools for making a participatory local assessment, or drawing up a local disability action plan.

This paper is available in French and in English.

A Guidance Paper for an Inclusive Local Development Policy - entire version (PDF - English - 3 Mo)

Chapter 1 : This Paper (PDF - English - 478 Ko)

Chapter 2 : Why mainstream disability in development?? (PDF - English - 537 Ko)

Chapter 3 : How Does International cooperation support Local Development?? (PDF - English - 727 Ko)

Chapter 4 : What is Inclusive Local Development ? A framework for an inclusive local development policy (PDF - English - 796 Ko)

Chapter 5 : Making a Participatory Disability Assessment (PDF - English - 2 Mo)

Chapter 6 : Setting up a Local Disability Action Plan : An Instrument for Implementing Human Rights (PDF - English - 613 Ko)

Chapter 7 : Example of a Questionnaire for a Local Disability Assessment based on the CRPD (PDF - English - 463 Ko)

Chapter 8 : Resources (PDF - English - 519 Ko)

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