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This project contributes to the overall goal to mainstream disability in development cooperation policies of the European Union Member States, the European Commission, and European NGOs working in the fields of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Overall Objective :

  • The overall objective of this project is to promote transnationally a coherent and coordinated approach to mainstream disability in development co-operation policies of 25 European Union Member States, the European Institutions, and European NGOs working in the fields of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Specific Objectives :

  • Inclusion of the disability dimension in development cooperation instruments, including a gender perspective.
  • Inclusion of the disability dimension into the European Commission Project Cycle Management.
  • Ensuring increased capacity of government agencies and non-state actors to draw and manage projects which include the disability dimension through the development and application of training tools for staff members of government agencies and non-state actors.
  • Development of a transnational common knowledge on disability & development by carrying out european conferences, regional workshops and trainings with all participating stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of data and to encourage an European vision on 'Inclusive Development' through setting up a database on resources and best practices of disability mainstreaming in development co-operation.

By facilitating and encouraging actions to mainstream disability issues in development co-operation on national, transnational and international level, this pilot project corresponds with the aims of this 'call for proposals'. At the same time, the commitment of the EU and its Member States to poverty reduction and human rights will be addressed.

Promoting inclusion in development co-operation policies and practice will have an important impact on the situation of people with disabilities in developing countries. It will strengthen their rights to equal participation in development processes. People with disabilities and their representing organisations will actively participate in the implementation of the project, either as dialogue partners or as resource persons and organisations for mainstreaming activities. Thus, this project will especially foster partnerships between Disabled People Organisations (DPOs), NGOs, research and training institutions, respective ministries of the project countries and general directorates at the European Commission.

With this project, tools will be developed for mainstreaming disability at policy, planning and implementation level, based on a detailed mapping of the actual situation in 10 EU Member States and the EU level and a less detailed mapping of the remaining 15 Member States.
It has a strong focus on deepening the knowledge at EU and national level and creates possibilities for networking, sharing of experiences and exchange of good practice.

Out of the priority areas of activity referred to in the call for proposals, this project is addressing mainly the priority area 'A. Integration of the equal opportunities dimension for people with disabilities in all policies and activities (mainstreaming)', with components covering all the issues explicitly mentioned under it.

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