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eRko is the Christian Children Communities Movement,
which started its activities in the 70-ties during communist regime. ERko was officially set up as a Non-Profit and Non Governmental Organisation in 1990 with the main purpose to contribute to the non-formal education and personality development of children and youth. The development issue is integrated into eRkos program since 1995 and is an important part of its non-formal education work as well as in its advocacy work. In 2004, a cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun in the field of development education where eRko was one of the first NGOs to be awarded with development education grants from the Slovak government. eRko is a promoter of the NGDOs policy towards MFA and SlovakAid.

The main development activities are:
+ Supporting of development projects in 9 countries of Africa via Dobr? novina - ('Good News') - Christmas Carol campaign. This is the main source of private funds used to support development projects in the following African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mali and Madagascar.
+ Development education activities for members and public through media, organizing of seminars, publishing of methodological materials
+ 3 months summer volunteer program for Kenya
+ Networking and shaping development policies at national and international levels
+ Advocacy and lobbying at Slovak level - eRko is co-founder and member of Slovak NGDO Platform.

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