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The GFPH, as the French DPI member, is solicited by its partner from many French speaking countries and other where the French culture lets a trace, and as the organisation which supports the DPI Europe presidency, have the possibility to work with a strong network of associations in 42 countries in the World region of Europe.

The GFPH took in charge a large part of the coordination of the French Committee for the European Year of Persons with Disability 2003, which was chaired by tits actual president.

Founded 12 years ago (1993), the GFPH is a training organisation which have trained thousands disabled people and professionals in schools and since tree years in some of the main High schools of administration like ENA or ENSP.

With and for disabled peoples, the GFPH have implements the peer counselling practice in tree French regions and develops today a project for the implementation of a national training network.

The two main priorities adopted by GFPH members to their 2005 General Assembly are totally adequate with the mainstreaming project:

  • Enforce the political representation of disabled peoples, and adopt some proposal for the building and the financial support of independent representations of disabled peoples as consumers of services.
  • Organize a network of trainers who are living with a disability and enforce their participation as trainers in a maximum of training courses of professionals, in priority in the education and the environmental construction.

All actions of the GFPH are lead by disabled peoples with the objective to promote their human capacities and to enforce their abilities to participate in all areas of the society. The peer counselling activity involves blind persons, paraplegics, deaf people, wheelchairs users, and people with cerebral trauma or mental illness, people with learning difficulties... Many volunteers are participating at many different work groups with public authorities at the national, regional and local levels.

Le GFPH est une fédération inter handicap qui s'adresse à toutes les personnes dites 'handicapées' et à leurs organisations, et un mouvement qui met en valeur les capacités de chacun.

Membre français de l'Organisation Mondiale des Personnes Handicapées (OMPH), le GFPH est une fédération inter handicaps dont le but est de favoriser et concrétiser l'échange d'informations, d'expériences et de pratiques efficaces dans les domaines de la vie autonome, la participation citoyenne, de l'inclusion scolaire, de l'accessibilité et de la bioéthique.

Engagées dans la réalisation de leurs objectifs de partage avec les autres et d'utilité pour les autres, les membres du GFPH prouvent en chacune de leur action qu'ils sont des agents particulièrement efficaces d'un développement social garant des valeurs humanistes fondatrices du 'vivre ensemble'.

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