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DPI (Disabled Peoples' International) Italia Onlus

About us

DPI Italia Onlus (non-profit socially useful organization) is the Italian section of Disabled Peoples' International, an international organization present in 135 countries and recognized by the principal agencies and international and European institutions. DPI works for the promotion and safeguarding of human and civil rights of persons with disability.
DPI is also a movement of social and cultural nature, whose constitutive principle is based fundamentally on the direct self promotion of persons with disability. The movement believes that the latter are the real experts of the multiple problems and difficulties that, they encounter everyday in society. Therefore they deem extremely important that they take an active part in all the processes, contexts and solutions that regard their own personal and social sphere.

DPI Italia Onlus was founded on the 16th of October 1994, being already a DPI provisional member since 1990.
DPI Italia ONLUS is made up of 18 Italian Organizations, involved in the protection and promotion of the human and civil rights of people with disability and their families, and of single members.

The organizations are:

  • Associations:
    • ANCHE NOI - Onlus (Eboli)
    • ALOGON (Lamezia Terme) )
    • RISORSE (Siracusa) )
    • FEDERHAND-Onlus (Campania) )
    • ILITEC (Roma) )
    • A.GE.DI Onlus(Reggio Calabria) )
    • ANFFAS-Onlus (Reggio Calabria) )
    • OLOGRAMMA (Gubbio) )
    • FUTURO SEMPLICE - Onlus (Palermo) )
    • ALDEBARAN-Onlus(Catania) )
  • National Associations:
    • FAIP - Onlus)
    • UILDM
  • Cooperatives:
    • Cooperativa CALABRIA 7- Onlus (Reggio Calabria) )
    • Coop. INDEPENDENT l. - Onlus (Merano) )
    • Coop. AURORA-Onlus(Catania) )
  • Local Councils:
    • DPI Reggio Calabria)
    • DPI Campania)
    • DPI Roma


DPI Italia ONLUS has joined the following organizations: FISH (Federazione Italiana per il Superamento dell'Handicap), CND (Consiglio Nazionale della Disabilit?), DPI (Disabled Peoples' International) Europe e Disabled Peoples' International. Moreover, through the CND it is member of the EDF (European Disability Forum).


DPI Italia works to achieve the following goals:

  • Guarantee the safeguarding of human and civil rights of people with disability, according to the principles of non discrimination and equal opportunities (art. 21 and 26 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union); )
  • Support the self promotion of people with disability in all processes and issues (familiar, social, economic and political) concerning themselves; )
  • Favour the achievement of autonomous, self-determined, independent and interdependent life of people with disability and promote equal opportunities, according to the Standard Rules of the UN; )
  • Enhance the resources of the associations that are members of the networks, sustaining the sharing of activities, instruments as well as the research and planning skills each Association possesses; )
  • Promote the vision of disability as an ordinary human diversity and favour relationships of inter-dependence, and the reciprocity of the growth processes on every level: natural, human, civil and cultural.


  • Empowerment

    DPI Italia ONLUS promotes empowerment activities that strengthen and enhance skills and potential of people with disability, so that they can regain possession of their own lives.
    The empowerment process consists essentially of the creating, by a subject, possibilities that can be practiced and made operative, through the use of personal and social, real and potential resources.
    Empowerment activities are also addressed to the families of children with disability and to those people who are unable to represent themselves, in order to strengthen their skills and potential and enable them to face the disability of their children, without becoming victims of it.

    Peer counselling

    One of the empowerment activities is Peer counselling, a methodology based on a help-relationship between two or more people with disability, that enables them to face fears and personal limits, as well as practical problems, individualizing the best solutions and behaviours to help the fulfilment of personal life projects and independence.
    DPI Italia ONLUS is implementing Peer Counselling at the Universita degli Studi della Calabria (UNICAL) - Cosenza - and with the associations that ask for this service.
  • Bioethics

    DPI Italia ONLUS works on issues concerning Bioethics and disability, promoting the safeguarding of human rights of people with disability. It collaborates in formation activities and researches with Universities (Camerino, Chieti, Padova, etc.) and specialized centres.
    DPI Italia believes that the point of view of people with disability on bioethics is fundamental - as it concerns their lives directly - because it believes that the culture of diversity can play a very important role in the building of an inclusive society, and more attention to the needs of the single person.
  • Gender and disability

    DPI Italia ONLUS, thanks to projects financed by the Daphne Programme 2000-2003 'Measures to combat violence against children young people and women n. JAI/DAP/03/207/W', has analysed the problem of the double discrimination that women with disability are subjected to as women and disabled persons. It takes part in initiatives and activities to promote their protection and self-promotion.
  • Information and Formation

    DPI Italia ONLUS implements activities of information and formation (through workshops, conferences etc.), as well as counselling and actions of protection, managed by people with disability and directed to people with disability and their families.
    It works in collaboration with universities and private and public institutions. These activities are directed to all the operators and citizens interested. Through these, the associations cooperate with institutions and services that work in social politics, playing a role of critical formulation, incentive and collaboration on specific projects. The objectives of information and formation activities are counselling, participating in study and work commissions, participating in public and private projects, as well as in European Union projects.
  • Projecting

    DPI Italia ONLUS promotes the elaboration, the design and the carrying out of projects and initiatives that enhance the skills of people with disability and their families in all fields that regard social inclusion, equal opportunities, non discrimination, and the safeguarding of human rights.
    It is basically projects to diffuse a new vision of disability as a contribution to the building of a world based on mutual respect and social inclusion.
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