Regional Conference : Millennium development goals: inclusion of people with disabilities - 2007-05-30

About 80 participants gathered in Senec (Slovakia) - a small town nearby Bratislava. They represented DPOs (Disabled People Organization), NGDOs, World Bank, UNDP and polic[y sector from at least 23 countries mostly from Europe. Speakers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa were invited for the conference to give better description and practical experience of impact of MDG and UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in developing countries.

The status and situation of persons with disabilities in developing countries vis-à-vis the MDGs was evaluated during the conference. Participants in the workshops identified the existing weaknesses as well as strengths in the process of the MDGs as it concerns disability and produced the action points on what needs to be done and develop ideas how inclusion should link into activities already underway.

Practical example of inclusion of children with disabilities into 'normal' life pointed out the dance performance of 'Madovec' ensemble composed by deaf children from a boarding school in Bratislava at the end of first conference's day. The talks during the Bazaar section and discussions were very inspiring and participants definitely took a lot of news, inspiration and ideas back to their countries.

Zuzana Bašistová, eRko, Slovakia

For more outcomes of the conference, presentations of speakers, photos and other documents visit website: or contact project coordinator: Isabelle Wahedová, Email:

View the presentations of our speakers :
Andrey Ivanov (470 Ko - PowerPoint - English)
Connie Laurin-Bowie (187 Ko - Powerpoint - English)
Cveto Ursie (486 ko - Powerpoint - English)
Hellen Asamo (35 Ko - Word - English)
Johannes Trimmel (191 Ko - Powerpoint - English)
Kudakwashe Dube (14 Mo - Powerpoint - English)
Kudakwashe Dube (short version) (5 Mo - Powerpoint - English)
Lupi M.Maswanya (185 Ko - Powerpoint - English)
Marek Brencic (5 Mo - Powerpoint - English)
Martin B.Mwesigwa (4 Mo - Powerpoint - English)
Martin B.Mwesigwa (61 Ko - Word - English)
Mercy Onsando (81 ko - Powerpoint - English)
Mercy Onsando (84 Ko - Word - English)
Susie Miles (32 Ko - Word - English)
Susie Miles Universal Primary Education 1 (2 Mo - Powerpoint - English)
Susie Miles Universal Primary Education 2 (64 Ko - Powerpoint - English)
TundeBuzetzky (340 Ko - Powerpoint - English)
Ursula Miller (88 Ko - Powerpoint - English)

View other materials :
Able voices (39 Mo - Powerpoint - English)
dignified life (2 Mo - PDF - English)
HandbookEnglish - of monitoring the MDGS (785 Ko - PDF - English)
MDG Report 2006 (1 Mo - PDF - English)
Measuring Disability Prevalence by World Bank (282 Ko - PDF - English)
REPORT EU Conference MDGs Inclusion of PwD : Word document (1 Mo - English) - PDF document (756 Ko - English)

View the photos of the conference

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