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Italy : National training seminar on disability and development cooperation : emergencies and universal design - 2006-11-24

On November 24, AIFO and DPI Italian, in collaboration with the Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development (CIRPS) of the University 'La Sapienza' - Rome, will hold the first national training seminar addressing the issues of 'Emergency and Universal Design' in the context of disability and development cooperation.
As resulting from the first round of the mapping exercise, AIFO and DPI Italia identified this as being one of the issues that requires a more in-depth analysis.
Examples of emergency situations are natural disasters, political instability, wars, pandemics. Activities of International Cooperation in this field range from prevention to reconstruction.
However, as all too often is demonstrated, access by persons with disabilities to such initiatives is not a priority thus making them the most affected group in emergency situations.
The idea is to provide practical examples of activities involving persons with disabilities in situation of emergencies, paying attention to the Universal Design aspect.
Speakers include representatives from DPOs and NGOs, the Municipality of Rome, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Local Entities, Universities and the Italian Civil Protection Unit. The invitation has been extended to numerous networks as well as representatives of UN Agencies and International Organizations.

AIFO and DPI stress the importance of involving Universities in this activity. The involvement of CIRPS has represented a highlight as this seminar will be considered as a lecture on disability issues within the Master in Development Cooperation course, which will be repeated every year.
The seminar will be part of the 'Forum for the Cooperation', a series of events sponsored by the Italian MFA which takes place every year. It will also be part of the States General of Solidarity and International Cooperation, organized by development NGOs and Associations.

For further information, please contact Simonetta Capobianco - AIFO; tel +39 06 5745699;

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