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Netherlands : 1 day Training Seminar 'Worldwide Implications of the Human Rights Convention for Disabled Persons' - 2007-02-18

The training semniar was organised by DCDD (Dutch Coalition on Disability and debvelopment) and VGPN (VGPN is a cooperation of four major Dutch DPO's ) The training semniar was held on 7 december 2006, in the Hague, the Netherlands. The seminar led to a interesting and interactive discussion among participants, coming from the North as well as the South, Dutch and international NGO's and DPO's , the World Bank and several Sutch Ministries and political parties.

The seminar was aimed at an international exchange of knowledge and expertise on how to mainstream disability through a rights perspective. The day focused on three specific articles in the UN 'disability' Convention: Article 6 'Women', article 24 'Education, and article 32 'International Cooperation'.

The participants of the seminar gained an understanding of the value of the UN 'disability' Convention for mainstreaming disability in development co-operation. Furthermore the participants afterwards gained the intend to increase their contribution to existing NGO networks for ratification and implementation of the UN Convention. Lastly, the training seminar contributed to the awareness about the UN Convention both in the Netherlands and internationally.

The report of the training seminar and the workshops are available from this website.

View the Report Training Seminar DCDD 7 Dec 2006 CONTENT (6 Mo - Word - English)
Report Training Seminiar DCDD 7 Dec 2006 FRONTPAGE (395 Ko - Word - English)

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