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Italy : Development Cooperation in Emergency situations and Universal Design: an opportunity to talk about disability - 2007-02-18

On November 24 a group of experts gathered to discuss practices of inclusion of Human Rights of persons with disabilities in development cooperation activities, particularly those linked to emergency situations and Universal Design, together with students of the Master course in Cooperation and Project Planning for development organized by CIRPS (Inter-Universitary Research Centre for Sustainable Development - University 'La Sapienza' of Rome), DPOs, NGOs and Institutions.

The meeting took place in the context of the EU project 'Breaking the cycle of poverty and disability in development cooperation' which, in Italy, involves AIFO and DPI Italia.
Among the activities discussed, the first results of the mapping exercise were presented. This task aims at evaluating the level of inclusion of disability in development cooperation activities. The research, conducted by CIRPS, highlighted projects, professionals, instruments and practices in this context.

AIFO's project in Indonesia and OVCI's in Sudan represent an example of inclusion of the disability dimension in emergency situations. The presentation of these two experiences aimed at constituting a compendium of 'best practice' to shared with experts as well as those who will be involved, in the future, with these issues.

Moreover, there has been an in depth discussion about Universal Design: based on principles allowing to design an inclusive context, accessible to all through the linkage between the environment and the persons living in it. It has been discussed how this instrument and WHO's ICF (International Classification of Functioning and Disability - 2001) allowed to overcome the traditional approach to disability.

The meeting followed with a roundtable to which representatives of DPOs, NGOs, Italian MFA, Universities and UNOPS (UN Office for Project Services) participated. The issues discussed spanned from professional experiences of the speakers to the recent UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which foresees the involvement of all professionals working in development cooperation. Common denominator of the discussion has been the call to create a culture which sees disability as a value rather than a condition.

The list of speakers included: Francesco Colizzi, President AIFO; Emilia Napolitano, Presindent DPI Italia; Urbano Stenta, Italian MFA Consultant on disability issues; Giampiero Griffo, DPI Italia; Fabrizio Mezzalana, universal design architect - F.I.S.H.; Raniero Chelli, Master course Coordinator - CIRPS; Francesca Ortali, AIFO; Marco Sala, OVCI; Pietro Barbieri, F.I.S.H., Luciano Gonnella, UNOPS/ART; Andrea Micangeli, CIRPS TpAA; Ivo Pazzagli, professor of anthropology, University of Bologna - Educaid.

View the document 'Cooperazione allo Sviluppo e Disabilità-DPI' (PowerPoint) : in English (10 Mo) - in Italian (1.6 Mo)
View the document 'Emergenza in Indonesia-AIFO' (PowerPoint - Italian) : First part (11 Mo) - Second part (6.6 Mo)
View the document 'Emergenzain Sudan-OVCI' (PowerPoint - 1.9 Mo - Italian)
View the document 'Cooperazione e Universal Design-Micangeli' (PowerPoint - 2.3 Mo - Italian)
View the document 'Emergenza e Universal Design-Mezzalana' (PDF - 1.5 Mo - Italian/English)
View the document 'Report on Disability and Cooperation - Emergency and Universal Design, 24 november 2006' (Word - 157 Ko - English)

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