Disability mainstreaming - the project ends, the work continues

Johannes Trimmel, Light For the WorldWith June 2008 the project 'Disability Mainstreaming into Development Co-operation', implemented with financial support from the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, has come to an end [...].
Make Development Inclusive

IDDC (International Disability and Development Consortium) is committed to working towards this end. What is it? Why is disability a development issue? What are the current policy papers for international cooperation? Find out […].
An example? Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - they leave out one in five of the world's poorest people […]. Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers need to be Inclusive! (see online manual) […].

14 advocacy and training sessions at national level, 3 at regional level, 2 international conferences were set up through the project […].
They allowed us to gather a lot of information and material […].
Other events are critical too: discussion at the Europeans Commissions INFO-POINT on decent work and people with disability, Africa Campaign on Disability and HIV & AIDS […].
Looking for practical tools and guidance for including persons with disabilities in your project ?

Look no further. This on-line manual 'Make Development Inclusive: How to include the perspectives of persons with disabilities in the project cycle management guidelines of the EC' could be of assistance to you [...].
A Guidance Paper for an Inclusive Local Development Policy

To break the cycle of poverty and disability in developing countries, community level inclusive policies are a key target.
This guidance paper contains three sections, providing background information, e.g. on mainstreaming disability in local development, tools for action at local level and support material [...].

Need more resources?

Online tools:

-> Disability and development reference documents […].

-> Training material on the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities […].

-> Handbook on Inclusive PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers) […].

-> Search this website and others at once ! […].

-> Go to Source Database […].

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